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[[Testserver]] <br> [[Updates]] br> [[Webinterface]] br> [[Workshop]] br> [[GSLT]]br> [[EBOT]] br> [[PRACC]]
[[Testserver]] [[Updates]] [[Webinterface]] [[Workshop]] [[GSLT]] [[EBOT]] [[PRACC]]
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CKRAS offers you as a customer different ways to order a gameserver. Here are 3 different gameserver types offered, which are explaint in more detail below.
Gameserver form CKRAS distinguished by the excellent SSH-Protect and through their ESL Gameserver Zertifikat. Each Gameserver can be easily managed in the Webinterface, in this case the customer can choose beetwen a variety of free games, install it independently, mange, stop and repair unless needed.

Who doesn´t like want to buy a pig in a poke, may also like to request a free exclusive Testserver for the game you want.


EPS Server The EPS Server is for advanced gamers or players with performance thinking, which want perfect gameserver performance.
EPS PLUS+ You want to play like a Pro-Gamer? The EPS Extreme Server Plus offers you the best gaming performance.
Smartline / EPS-Entry - The perfect entry for your gaming career, our EPS Entry Server with an excellent price / performance ratio for public or non-public gaming. .

Favorited Games

CS:GO * most popular *
TrackMania 2 not longer supported
ShootMania not longer supported
Team Fortress 2 not longer supported
RUST not longer supported
Minecraft not longer supported
Left4Dead not longer supported
Left4Dead2 not longer supported
Day of Defeat: Source not longer supported
Overwatch not longer supported
Call_of_Duty_4 not longer supported
Day_of_Defeat:_Source not longer supported


Gameserver Rental

Gameserver Rental