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MatchZy for CS2 Gameserver - start your Prac/Scrim with easy commands!

MatchZy is a plugin for CS2 gameserver to run and manage Practice, Pugs, Scrims, Matches (Supports Wingman), with our fully integrated solution you can get started right away. Here we explain how easy it is to activate and use (!help) this addon on your CKRAS server. >> Deutsch Deutsch

MATCHZY - CS2 Plugin

Why MatchZy & CKRAS BOT

With CKRAS BOT and MatchZy you can easily manage your CS2 gameserver, no matter if it is a scrim or !prac | !tactics, you can save nade lineups for perfect nade practice, !throw (!nades), use !spawns, !timer, !clear, !fastforward and many more commands.

Tips-and-tricks.png Note: Any command can be entered with .help or !help

MatchZy Commands

Find all currently available commands to easily manage your CS2 server.

Custom Commands

Commands Description
!help Lists the most important available commands. (see: CKRAS BOT)
!ready Marks the player ready (Alias: !r)
!unready Marks the player unready (Alias: !ur, !notready)
!pause Pauses the match in freezetime (Tactical or normal pause, depends on matchzy_use_pause_ command_for_tactical_pause) (Alias: !p)
!tech Pauses the match in freezetime.
!unpause Request for unpausing the match. Both teams need to type .unpause to unpause the match (Alias: !up)
!stay Stays on the same side (For knife winner, after the knife round)
!switch | !swap Switches the side (For knife winner, after the knife round)
!stop Restore the backup of the current round (Both teams need to type !stop to restore the current round)
!tac Starts a tactical timeout
!coach <ct|t> Starts coaching on the specified side ct|t>

Example: !coach t, to start coaching as a terrorist

!uncoach Removes Coach

Practice Mode Commands

Commands Description
!spawn <number> Spawns to the provided competitive spawn number of same team
!ctspawn <number> Spawns to the provided competitive spawn number of CT
!tspawn <number> Spawns to the provided competitive spawn number of T
!bestspawn Teleports you to your team's closest spawn from your current position
!worstspawn Teleports you to your team's furthest spawn from your current position
!bestctspawn Teleports you to CT team's closest spawn from your current position
!worstctspawn Teleports you to CT team's furthest spawn from your current position
!besttspawn Teleports you to T team's closest spawn from your current position
!worsttspawn Teleports you to T team's furthest spawn from your current position
!solid Toogle (on|off) solid teammates
!impacts Toogle (on|off) bullet impacts
!traj Toggle (on|off) grenade trajectories (Alias: !pip)
!bot Adds a bot on user's current position
!nobots Removes all the bots
!cbot Adds a crouched bot on user's current position (Alias: !crouchbot)
!boost Adds a bot on current position and boosts player on it
!crouchboost Adds a crouched bot on current position and boosts player on it
!ct / !t / !spec Changes player team to the requested team
!watchme / !fas Forces all players into spectator except the player who called this command.
!fastforward Fastforwards the server time to 20 seconds (Alias: !ff)
!dryrun Turns on dry-run mode (Alias: !dry)
!god Turns on god mode
!break Breaks all the breakable entities (glass windows, wooden doors, vents, etc)
!nade Displays an extra menu only with nades cmds CKRAS BOT turn "on" (Alias: !nades)
Nade Commands (!nade):
!throw command will rethrow the exact same last smoke, flash, molly or HE you threw.

(Alias: !rethrow)

!last command which teleports the player to the last thrown grenade position
!timer command which starts a timer immediately and stops it when you type !timer again, telling you the duration of time
!back <number> command which teleports you back to the provided position in your grenade history
!throwindex <index> <optional index> <optional index> Command which throws grenade of provided position(s) from your grenade thrown history. Example: !throwindex 1 2 will throw your 1st and 2nd grenade. !throwindex 4 5 8 9 will throw your 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th grenade (If you've added delay in grenades, they'll be thrown with their specific delay).
!delay <delay_in_seconds> command which sets a delay on your last grenade.

This is only used when using !throw or !throwindex

!lastindex command which prints index (position) number of your last thrown grenade.





Added grenade-specific rethrow commands for every grenade type (!nade = Nade Menu)
!clear Clears all the active smokes, molotoves and incendiaries
!noblind Toggles immunity for flashbang (it will still blind others with noflash disabled) (Alias: !noflash)
!savenade <name> <optional description> Saves a lineup
!loadnade <name> Loads a lineup
.delnade <name> Deletes a lineup from file (Alias: !deletenade)
.importnade <code> Upon saving a lineup a code will be printed to chat, alternatively those can be retrieved from the savednades.cfg
.listnades <optional filter> Lists either all saved lineups ever or if given a filter only those that match the filter
.globalnades With .globalnades you can store your nades on the server for everyone to see.

(Alias: !save_nades_as_global)

Tips-and-tricks.png Note: Any command can be entered with .help or !help

Admin Commands

>> Assign admin <<

Commands Description
!restart Force restarts/resets a match
!force or !start Force starts a match. (Alias: !forcestart)
!endmatch Force ends a match. (Alias: !forceend)
!prac or !tactics Starts the Prac Mode | Train (Practice cmds. above)
!exitprac Exits from practice mode and loads Match mode.
!map <name> Switches to the desired map e.g. "!map de_dust2"
!forcepause Pauses the match as an admin (Players cannot unpause the admin-paused match).

(Alias: !fp)

!forceunpause Force unpauses the match. (Alias: !fup)
!restore <round> Restore a Round with (!restore 8 = 8 round)
!rcon <command> RCON Commands - Example: "!rcon say test" -> RCON Commands
!skipveto Skips the current veto phase. (Alias: !sv)
!roundknife Toggles the knife round. If disabled, match will directly go from Warmup phase to Live phase. (Alias: !rk)
!playout Toggles playout (If playout is enabled, all rounds would be played irrespective of winner. Useful in scrim)
!tvrecord MatchZy starts Demos automatically

But if you want to start record manually use this cmds !tvrecord IMPORTANT: CSTV - Port (tv_enable 1 set in server.cfg or activate CSTV in Panel.)

!tvstop Stops a demo on your CSTV server (Alias: !stoprecord, !stoptv)
!whitelist Toggles whitelisting of players. To whitelist a player, add the steam64id insteam64id in cfg/MatchZy/whitelist.cfg (FTP)
!readyrequired <number> Sets the number of ready players required to start the match. If set to 0, all connected players will have to ready-up to start the match.
!settings Displays the current setting, like whether knife is enabled or not, value of readyrequired players, etc.
!asay <message> Say as an admin in all chat
!reload_admins Reloads admins from admins.json (via FTP editable or CKRAS BOT)
!reloadmap Reloads the current Map
!team1 <name> Sets name for Team 1 (CT by default) example: !team1 CKRAS
!team2 <name> Sets name for Team 1 (CT by default)

Tips-and-tricks.png Note: Any command can be entered with .help or !help

If you have any suggestions for additional features, please let us know:

Install MatchZy

MatchZy requires Metamod, you can simply install MM in the webinterface (see picture). After you have installed and activated MM, you can install CounterStrikeSharp and MatchZy.

install metamod

Activate CSS + MatchZy

The following image shows that after activating Metamod, CounterStrikeSharp (CSS) and MatchZy can now be installed. Please click here once on “Install” and the respective plugin will be activated and installed.

Note: To use all commands, you now only need to assign admins in the panel (alternatively, see MatchZy options “Every player is admin”). More on this under “Become a MatchZy admin”.

Matchzy Installation

You need Support? Join Discord:


MatchZy Options

You can customize certain settings directly from the webpanel to your liking, see screenshot

MatchZy Options

  • Knife Round: This can be used to deactivate the Knife Round by default, otherwise you can also deactivate the Knife Round for Match Mode yourself at any time using the .rk command and the .settings command can be used to check whether the Knife Round is active
  • Every player is admin: This would give every player in the connected full admin rights.
  • Smoke Color: If selected, every smoke in Prac/Tactic Mode will be thrown in the respective player color.
  • Playout: So that you can play all rounds in scrim, you can preselect the settings here, otherwise you can also adjust the settings to your wishes in the game with the .playout command.
  • Prac/Tactic mode: If you only play trainings, it might be useful if the server automatically starts in Prac/Tactics mode.

ADD Admin (become Admin)

You can become a MatchZy admin by adding yourself as an admin at CKRAS BOT, see here how you can do this: become admin


Example Webpanel - here you can add your Steam ID3 or SteamID64

Add Admin in Panel

Add Admin Panel

Add Admin Panel


The admin.json can also be edited manually, you will find it on your FTP in the folder: /cs2/game/csgo/addons/counterstrikesharp/configs

If you have already added admins to the CKRAS BOT, you can skip this step as we have automatically added you as an admin to the server.

>> Note: MatchZy offers a variety of different admin options (root, map, prac, chat...), you can see them for yourself in their WIKI. << We recommand to use our CKRAS BOT ADD ADMIN because its fully integrated.

Disable Admin Function

The admin query (requirement) can also be toogled on/off in the panel or edited manually in the config.cfg (folder: /cs2/game/csgo/cfg/MatchZy).

If you want to deactivate the admin query, you only have to rewrite this line according to your wishes.

matchzy_everyone_is_admin <true or false>

  • true everyone is admin
  • false only admins added in the admin.json or added via ADD ADMIN can execute cmds

TIPP: To use bindings for cmds you can use the following example.

bind <key> css_rcon sv_rethrow_last_grenade

Configuring Warmup/Knife/Live/Prac CFGs

If you want to integrate your own configs into MatchZy or edit the existing files, we will show you below what you need to do.


You can edit the Configs from the Plugin, inside csgo/cfg/MatchZy (FTP), files named warmup.cfg, knife.cfg, live.cfg and prac.cfg

These configs are executed when Warmup, Knife, Live and Practice Mode (!prac) is started respectively.

You can modify these files according to your requirements.

If these configs are not found in the expected location, MatchZy/CKRAS BOT executes the default configs which are present in the code.

Whitelisting players

You can add Players to a whitliste, please login to your ftp in navigate to the folder csgo/cfg/MatchZy (FTP), there will be a file called whitelist.cfg. You can add Steam64 id of whitelisted players like mentioned in the below example:


CS2 Battle Discord Bot

NEW: The CS2 Battle Discord Bot is your go-to solution for seamlessly organizing and enjoying 5v5 matches with your friends directly on your Discord server.

Display in the Chat !help

We have adapted our CKRAS BOT for this plugin (!help)

Now you can easily add admins in the panel as described above and the most common commands are displayed (!help & !nade) via our CKRAS BOT.


(Screenshot CKRAS BOT !help output in Chat, by Default available)

MatchZy Help Command

(Screenshot: This is the default display of the commands of MatchZy without our CKRAS BOT, command .help or !help)

TIPP: Demos are recorded automatically (tv_enable 1 needed in server.cfg) but you can start demos manually via Chat CMDs aswell!

Please note that the CSTV or GOTV server can crash if the delay is too long, we hope that Valve will bring a fix here soon.

NOTE: If you do not want to activate the CKRAS BOT and do not need the additional HELP Chat menu, you can also deactivate the CKRAS BOT in the webpanel at any time, so the full range of MatchZy functions will still be available to you (expect !nade menu).

Additional Information:

For CSTV demo we added the Commands !tvrecord (alias: !record) !tvstop to start/stop a CS2 Demo (see commands above) (please get sure that tv_enable 1 is set in your server.cfg), the demo is stored in the default ftp-folder: /cs2/game/csgo.

We install CounterStrikeSharp automatically when you install MatchZy, and we also install the latest versions of CSS automatically at regular intervals.

You need Support? Join Discord:


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