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Here you will find the most important commands and help for your Gameserver with the game Counter Strike Source: RCON commands, ESL_Plugin Commands, zBlock Commands, SourceMod, SSH-Protect, Webinterface,

Game Information


Editor: Valve Software
Erscheinungstermin: 1. November 2004
Sourcemod Beschreibung: THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF THE WORLD'S # 1 ONLINE ACTION GAME Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike's award-winning teamplay action with the advanced technology of Source™ technology. Featuring state of the art graphics, all new sounds, and introducing physics, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for every action gamer.


Command Description
rcon changelevel xx_map changes the map without kicking players
rcon changemap xx_map changes map but kicks players from the server
rcon sv_restartround 1 restart the map without reloading it
rcon say "what u want here" say something through rcon (ie. as admin)
rcon_password "passwordhere" login as admin (password being current one)
rcon mp_flashlight 1 set flashlight use on
rcon mp_footsteps 1 set footsteps on
rcon mp_friendlyfire 1 set friendlyfire on
rcon mp_c4timer 35 set bomb timer to 35 seconds
rcon mp_tkpunish 0 turn off team kill penalty
rcon mp_forcechasecam 1 turn on chase cam to your team only
rcon mp_startmoney 800 starting money of 800
rcon mp_limitteams 0 rcon mp_limitteams 0
rcon mp_limitteams 0 rcon mp_limitteams 0
rcon mp_freezetime 5 set buy time to 5 seconds
rcon mp_timelimit 0 set timelimit to 0
rcon mp_autoteambalance 0 turn off team balancing (make sure it is off)
rcon mp_maxrounds 10 set max rounds to 15
rcon_fadetoblack 1 sets fade to black on when a person dies.
rcon kick #number kicks using server ID number
rcon kick steam_id kicks using steam ID
rcon ban #number kick kicks using the server ID and bans permanently
rcon quit Reboots your server, bei CKRAS deaktiviert

zBlock Commands

COMMANDS Description
zb_status - Displays important server settings.
zb_netinfo Displays connected players net-settings (rates, interpolation, prediction, lag compensation).
zb_version Displays version of zBlock currently installed on the server
zb_readylist Counter-Strike: Source Only & Warmode Only / Displays ready and not-ready players when using the ready-up system.
zb_players Displays a list of players authenticated by a configured auth-host (zb_authhost).
zb_warnings Displays information regarding questionable server configuration.
zb_teamcash Counter-Strike: Source Only & Warmode Only<
Displays the team money situation (We recommend your caller binds this command to a key)
i.e. bind "F1" "zb_teamcash
Note: Only usable during freeze-time and when "zb_allowcashcalling" is enabled


zb_warmode (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike Source Only
- Enables/Disable zBlock Warmode
- Public servers should set this to "0" (zb_warmode 0).
- Competitive / Match servers should set this to "1".
- Note: See below for complete warmode based changes.

zb_matchconfig (Default: None)
- Match config to be executed before initiating the live on 3 sequence
- Note: To reset this value using rcon use: rcon zb_matchconfig " "

zb_readyup_max (Default: 10)
- Counter-Strike Source Only
- The minimum number of players required to be ready to initiate live-on-three

zb_startmoney (Default: 800)
- Counter-Strike Source Only
- The amount that the starting money should be returned to after the live on 3 sequence is completed
- Note:This is to prevent players from regaining full money by using "retry" in the second round of overtime

zb_authhost (Default: NONE)
- Configures the auth-host to use with zBlock.
- Changing this setting will re-authenticate all existing players in the server and continue to authenticate new players who join.
(Please see our article on "Player Authentication" at our website for more details).
- Note: To reset this value using rcon use: rcon zb_authhost " " OR rcon zb_authhost NONE

zb_autoupdate (Default: 1)
- Enable/Disable zBlock plugin auto-updating.
- Note: Updates can be downloaded manually using the server command "zb_update"
- Note: Automatic updates are never downloaded whilst players are connected to the server.

zb_allowcashcalling (Default: 1)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- Enable/Disable Team money calling with "zb_teamcash"
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled / 2 = Allow automatic cash calling
- To use automatic cash calling clients must use the command "setinfo zb_wantautocashcalling 1"

zb_dosprotect (Default: 1)
- Protects the game-server from several network level attacks.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled

zb_crashblock (Default: 1)
- Protects the game-server from several known crash exploits.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled

zb_deadvoice (Default: 1)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled dead players can chat to living members of their team using the in-game voice system.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled

zb_antispeedhack (Default: 1)
- Prevents the use of client cheats which manipulate the games view of time.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled / 2 = Enabled and Kick.

zb_checkviewangles (Default: 1)
- Prevents the use of cheats which distort the players view-angles.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_ignoreplayerqueries (Default: 0)
- When enabled the server will ignore queries which ask for the names of the players connected.
- This is for use in high-profile competitive matches where players do not wish their whereabouts to be known.
- We highly recommend this is kept disabled (default).
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_antispam_max_cmds_per_sec (Default: 5)
- Blocks command spam attempts.
- We are currently tweaking the effects of this feature. A setting of 4-6 appears to be adequate.

zb_removals (Default: 0)
- When set to "1" all junk props are removed from the map.
- When set to "2" it removes all oil drums.
- When set to "3" it removes both oil drums and junk.
Best combined with the client setting "cl_phys_props_enable 0".

zb_illegaldefusefix (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled you are unable to defuse unless you can see the bomb and a message is displayed telling you so.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_antiflash (Default: 1)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled players who are under the full effect of a flashbang will be unable to see other players by cheating to remove the white screen effect.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_antismoke (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled players who are stood in the middle of a bloomed smoke grenade are not visible by the use of exploits.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_force_dx (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only / Warmode Only
- When set to "1" players must use a DirectX9 video mode (resolves ambient occlusion issues).
- When set to "2" players must use a DirectX8 video mode (stronger flashbang effect).
- Note: 0 = Disabled.

zb_bancheaters (Default: 1)
- When enabled confirmed cheaters will be banned.
- When disabled they are kicked.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_forwardbans (Default: 1)
- When enabled bans made by zBlock will be forwarded to SourceBans if that plugin is also running (
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_crouchfix (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled players must wait until they're standing to crouch again.
- Note: 0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled.

zb_fadetoblack (Default: 1)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- When enabled "mp_fadetoblack 1" is forced and dead players sound is disabled.

zb_maxnamechanges (Default: 3)
- The total number of name changes a player is allowed to make in the time "zb_namechangeperiod"
- Note: 0=unlimited/disabled

zb_namechangeperiod (Default: 300)
- The number of seconds between tracked name changes (over which "zb_maxnamechanges" applies")

zb_kicknamethieves (Default: 0)
- When enabled players are removed if they have a name very similar or identical to an existing player (on joining or on name change).
- Note: This defaults to disabled. (0 = Disabled / 1 = Enabled)

zb_dramaticheadshots (Default: 0)
- Counter-Strike: Source Only
- Just for fun!
- Enable/Disable classic style headshot ragdolls

ESL_Plugin Commands

Command Beschreibung
esl_help Zeigt eine Liste aller verfügbaren Befehle
status Zeigt ob das Plugin aktiv ist und seine momentane Version.
eslstatus (user command) Zeigt den normalen Status, plus weitere Informationen über den Server
eslplugin_version Zeigt die ESL-Plugin Version
eslplugin_active Für HLSW gedacht, um zu zeigen, dass das Plugin aktiv ist
esl_update Suche manuell nach Updates
1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 2on2aml Führe einzelne Ladder Configs aus
esl_dxkick_enable and esl_dxkick_disable Aktiviert / Deaktiviert den optionalen DX8 Force beim nächsten Mapwechsel
esl_autorecord 0 Erstellt automatisch eine SourceTV Demo wenn 2 oder mehr Spieler verbunden sind und ein Match mit zb_ko3 / zb_lo3 gestartet wird
esl_autoarmor 0 Gibt allen Spieler 100 Armor am Anfang der Runde
esl_webstart and esl_webstop Startet bzw. Stoppt den internen Webserver, bei CKRAS deaktiviert
esl_webip Ändert die IP des Webservers, bei CKRAS deaktiviert
esl_webport 0 Ändert den Port des Webservers, bei CKRAS deaktiviert

Sourcemod / Deathmatch Plugin

Sourcemod und Deathmatch Plugin kann im Webinterface installiert werden.

ESL Configs / Configs

ESL configs can be installed in the web interface, alternatively, they are automatically installed with activated ESL_Plugin CKRAS updated automatically for you new Confings the major leagues such as ESL, or 4PL in the webinterface.

Known bugs

  • The dedicated server might fail to load the Steam libraries the first time you boot it. Booting it a second time will fix the problem.
  • Implicitly hardcode several rules to the end of the sv_pure rule list. (These rules will eventually be visible by typing sv_pure, so you can see exactoly the effective rules that are in effect --- but there is a bug preventing the proper display that will be fixed soon.)
  • sv_pure NOTICE // Please note that there are some bugs in github tagged for "next release" which unfortunately were not merged over for this release. We'll have another update soon that pushes these fixes out.


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SourceTV Server Rental

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