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The CKRAS BOT for Counterstrike 2, helps you to administrate your CS2 gameserver (!help), with the help of the BOT you can start trainings (!prac) , Bo1, Bo3, Bo5 matches (scrims), Coach, MatchZy, CSTV and much more with simple commands (!help) - no previous knowledge needed, just start playing.

Bots.png CKRAS BOT


In this WIKI we will show you the most important features of our CKRAS BOT and how you can manage (!help) your gameserver with the bot.

RECOMMEND: Please activate the additional tool MatchZy, combined with CKRAS BOT you can use commands like !spawns, !nades, !clear, !ff and more on your server


>> MatchZy <<

CS2 BOT (Prac/Scrim) Tool Version 1.01 - Released 26. June 2024

CKRAS BOT for CS2 Server

How it works

CKRAS BOT & MatchZy takes over commands which are executed with simple inputs (!help) in the chat window. You can see below which commands are currently available to manage your CS2 Gameserver.


CKRAS BOT is a free feature for all CS2 Customers, this extension is provided on every customer system as default and makes it easier to use your CS2 Server for Scrims/Pracs. If you do not want to use the bot and the bot menu, you can deactivate this feature it in the webinterface.

Activate CKRAS BOT



Admin Commands

ADMIN - Commands
Commands Description
!help Lists all available commands
!map Switches to the desired map e.g. !map dust2 or de_dust2
!rr Restarts the server after a few seconds (alias: !restart)
!5on5 Loads a 5on5 Setup and restarts the game (alias !bo1, !startmatch)>> !start with MatchZy (see MatchZy Commands)
!scrim Ativates scrim mode, enables the command !coach
!rcon <command> Execute RCON commands - Example: !rcon say test - RCON commands
!train Starts Training | Pracc Mode (alias: !training, !pracc)
!clinch You can set with this cmd. that a !5on5 ends after winner is determined
!playout Toggles playout (all rounds would be played irrespective of winner. Useful in !scrim)
!impact Displays damage caused (only in !pracc | !train mode)
!stopimpact Ends the !impact damage display in (!train | !pracc mode)
!rethrow This command will rethrow the exact same smoke, flash, molly or HE you threw. (only in !train)
!stop Ends !5on5 ,!train or !scrim Mode (alias: !matchend, !endgame, !endmatch)
!record Start a demo on your CSTV Server (alias !startrecord !record)

NOTE: CSTV - Port (tv_enable 1 must be set in the server.cfg)

!tvstop Stops a demo on your CSTV server (alias !stoprecord, !stoptv, !stop)
!config <NAME> Loads a custom config !config name = name.cfg

Example: !config train (loads the traing.cfg)

Use your own customized Config. (alias: !exec)

!knife Activates Knife Mode - Then !swap | !stay if won
!botadd Add Bots (alias: !addbot) - Bots commands
!dm Enables Deathmatch (DM) disabled temp
!overtime Enables Overtime (only !5on5)
!restore Backup of the desired round - "!restore 5" [Round 5]
!restorelast Backup of the last Round

The Admin commands are only restrictive when a CKRAS BOT ADMIN has been added.

We recommend to add Admins - how you can do this see here ADD Admin below in the WIKI.

Public Commands

Public Commands
Commands Description
!help Lists all available commands
!coach <ct|t> Activates the Coach function for your gameserver - MatchZy
!uncoach Exits Coach Mode (alias: !nocoach, !coachstop, !coachend) - MatchZy
!nade Displays an extra menu with all commands for grenades only (alias: !nades) - MatchZy
!pause Pauses the game in the next freeztime
!unpause Removes the pause and freeztime starts
!swap Swap Teams CT|T (only availible after kniferounde !knife)
!stay Staying on the side after winning Knife (!knife)
!timeout Timeout for tactical meetings (60 seconds) (alias: !tactics) - for !5on5 Mode
!nobot Removes Bot from Server
!report <bug> Report a Bug or Feature Request" !report your bug"

Features available with Addons

The following commands are available with the MatchZy Plugin, which can be easy installed in the webinterface with one click.

NOTE: If you have any questions about to use MatchZy or CS2 Scrim, contact us add any time the full cmd. list you can find here.

!prefire addon required (PreFire) - Train PreFire Practice with this Addon
!spawns <number> addon required (MatchZy) - Spawns and competitve spawns
!ready !unready addon required (MatchZy) - Start the bo1 mode with the command !r !ur
!start addon required (MatchZy) - A game start is forced immediately, even if !ready is not set
!clear addon required (MatchZy) - removes grenades on the server (training mode !prac)
!break addon required (MatchZy) - Breaks all the breakable entities
!watchme addon required (MatchZy) - Forces all players into spectator except the player.
!noflash addon required (MatchZy) - Toggles immunity for flashbang
!fastforward addon required (MatchZy) - Moves server time for 20 seconds
!rethrow command will rethrow the exact same last smoke, flash, molly or HE you threw.
!last command which teleports the player to the last thrown grenade position
!timer command which starts a timer immediately and stops it when you type .timer again, telling you the duration of time addon required (MatchZy)
!back <number> command which teleports you back to the provided position in your grenade history
!throwindex <index> <optional index> <optional index> Command which throws grenade of provided position(s) from your grenade thrown history. Example: !throwindex 1 2 will throw your 1st and 2nd grenade. !throwindex 4 5 8 9 will throw your 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th grenade (If you've added delay in grenades, they'll be thrown with their specific delay). addon required (MatchZy)
!delay <delay_in_seconds command which sets a delay on your last grenade. This is only used when using .rethrow or .throwindex addon required (MatchZy)
!lastindex command which prints index (position) number of your last thrown grenade.





Added grenade-specific rethrow commands for every grenade type !nade (Nade Menu)

addon required (MatchZy)

!nade NEW >>> addon required (MatchZy) - !nade open a extra Nades Menu

only visible if CKRAS BOT is active !savenade <name> <optional description>

!loadnade <name>

.delnade <name>

.importnade <code>

.listnades <optionale filter>


NOTE: All the following commands are available with MatchZy, find the full cmd. list here.

You need Support? Join Discord:


COACH !coach <ct|t>


!coach <ct|t> (Assign as a Coach)

NOTE: Install MatchZy Plugin to use Coach Features

IMPORTANT: Metamod + MatchZy plugin is required for the !coach <ct|t> function. You can install these addons ease in the Webpanel

TIPP: Upload your own cfg. via FTP to your CS2 Gameserver - Folder: /cs2/game/csgo/cfg - See Guide: CS2 - FTP Installation

Add Admin

You can edit your gameserver in the webpanel

Here a new field has been added with the content "CKRAS BOT" - > Manage Admins


If you click on Manage Admins you will get to the overview page where you can enter your STEAM:ID, so that in the future only admins can execute the commands on your gameserver.

FUNCTION: If nobody is assigned as admin, every player on server will have admin rights (in that case this list will be ignored), this also applies to the MatchZy addon, and you can also set the MatchZy options so that each player is an admin.

Find your Steam ID3 or Steam ID64

You can find your Steam ID3 in the console log, see picture, alternatively you can find your SteamID64 in your Steam profile under Settings.


Find your Steam ID 3

We add the SteamID3 Format NEW SteamID64 supported aswell

Add Admin Webpanel

You can click on CKRAS BOT "ADD ADMIN" in the webinterface to add individual admins for your server.

See here an example how this looks like in the panel.

NOTE: If nobody is assigned as admin, every player on server will have admin rights! We recommend to add a admin.



This is how it looks ingame on your CS2 gameserver

See Comands above - example !rcon <cmd>, !prac) to mange your CS2 Server.

BETA 0.1 Screenshot

CKRAS BOT (pracc) Beta

Beta 0.6 Screenshot

CKRAS BOT Beta (scrim/pracc) Version 06

Beta 0.77 Screenshot

CKRAS BOT-07112023


You can also deactivate the CKRAS BOT if you have no use for it, simply set the toogle to deactivated.



Short video how CKRAS BOT works, some functions are only available when only the BOT is active, other features like !spawns etc. are only available with MatchZy (recommend) or CS2 Scrim, if you have any questions just contact us at any time, also in Discord.


The basic functions of the CKRAS BOT have been completed so far, we are now expanding the scope step-by-step with further addons such as MatchZy, which is already fully integrated into the bot (!help). If you have other plugins that you would like to integrate into our BOT or webpanel, please contact us.

Bots.png CKRAS BOT


Please send your feedback to

You can also send your feedback directly with the bot, command !report "PROBLEM"



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