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EPS Server

Welcome to the CKRAS EPS Server WIKI Page

Our EPS Gameserver products convince with newest hardware, ESL certification, and optimized routing for gamers with low pings to our server location. All CKRAS Gameserver can be made with just few clicks ESL ready

The management of your products can be doene with the CKRAS created Webinterface, there can experience your games (Overview of the most popular games see below) comfortably administrated in the CKRAS GamingCloud. The CKRAS Webinterface allows you in real time, to mae changes on the server, install maps, edit config and much more...

What is the EPS Server

EPS Servers are the perfect solution for ambitious Gamers.

games available

Information on our servers

Activation Time

Payment Methods

Technicial Data

  • CPU-Typ: 1x3,50 GHz
  • CPU-Name: Intel Xeon E3-1270V3 3,5GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR3-RAM
  • OS: Ckras Optimize Kernel
  • 1000 FPS: 99%-100%
  • Connection: 1000 Mbps


How do i install a gameserver in the CKRAS-Webinterface, her´s a guide how easy it is to manage the Gameserver.


Still not convinced, but then request a Testserver, CKRAS-Support
Mainarticle: Gameserver

EPS GameServer Rental

EPS Server Rental