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Here you will find the most important commands and help for ShootMania Gameserver. Admin commands, SSH-Protect, Webinterface

Game Informatoin


Editor: Ubisoft & Nadeo
Release Date: 23. Januar 2013
Description: Just like its sister games TrackMania 2 and the as of yet unreleased QuestMania, it will feature 3 different environments, of which two have so far been revealed; a snow-based environment called Cryo, and another called Storm. Storm is set to be released first, with Cryo released approximately a year later.


Cryo/Storm: Cryo, and another called Storm. Storm is set to be released first, with Cryo released approximately a year later.

game_mode 	Gamemode
0 = Script 
1 = Rounds
2 = TimeAttack
3 = Team
4 = Laps
5 = Cup
6 = Stunts (demnächst verfügbar)

ShootMania GameServer Registration

1.) Game Installation

Install you the game you want in this case ShootMania the Web Interface "Game Server> Games"

2.) Registration

Login ON

3.) SM Server

Create server shootmania.jpg

4.) Create SM Server Logindata

Create server shootmania2.jpg

5.) Adminstration SM Logindata

Create server shootmania3.jpg

6.) Validation Code administration


7.) dedicated_cfg edit

Setup your dedicated_cfg.txt
Create server shootmania4.jpg Create server shootmania5.jpg

8.) SM start

Start the ShootMania CKRAS game servers in the webinterface

Have FUN

Configuration Server

The configuration of the server

This section is the most important whatever the game that you want to do, you must complete this part. We'll detail the principals parts are located in the markers between : "<server_options>...</server_options>"


   Between the chevrons "><" you must insert the name of the server that you want to see displayed. The server will not start without a name. 


   You can insert the description to the server here. This one will be displayed to the player when he will choose to see the information of your dedicated. 


   This marker indicate the number of players authorized to connect to your server. 


   Fill this field only if you want to put a password for the players. Feel free to use any password that you want. 


   As for the number of players, here you decide the hosting capacity of your dedicated in term of spectators. 


   As for the players, you can restraint the access of the spectators via a password.

Admin Befehle

Player commands

   /nextmap - See the next map in the rotation

Admin commands

Map/game management:

   /skip - Ends the current map and skips to the next one in the rotation
   /findmap <search> - Find a map from a partial string match
   /changemap <map> - Ends the current map and changes to the one you choose. Requires the full name of the map - use /findmap to find it.
   /getmodesettings - Dumps all of the settings for the current game mode to your chat box. Press "C" to maximize the chat if you can't see all of them at once.
   /setmodesettings <key> <value> - Set a setting for the game mode. Usually doesn't take effect until the next round, or sometimes match/map.

Player management:

   /kick <player> - Kick a player. Uses the login name of the player.
   /autobalance - Auto balances teams. Be warned, tho: auto balance is dumb as all hell, and if you have a two-slot different between teams (like 6v8), it's not going to do the sane thing of just taking one guy from the larger team and moving it over, it's going to respawn like four dudes for no reason.
   /scramble - Randomly shuffles around the players on each team.

Server management:

   /setservername <name>
   /setpassword <password> and /clearpassword


   /echo <message> - Echo a message to the server as "[Server] Words!". Useful when you wanna look all authoritative.

Route List

Diese Einstellung findet man hier: UserData/Maps/MatchSettings/
chat_time 	Dauer der Podiumssequenz
finish_timeout 	Restzeit für das Fahren nach der ersten Zieleinfahrt in Sekunden
Sonderwert: 1 = Automatische Anpassung der Restzeit an Streckenlänge
allwarmupduration 	Anzahl an Aufwärmrunden
disablerespawn 	Zurücksetzen des Fahrzeugs deaktivieren
forceshowallopponents 	Ausblenden der Gegner deaktivieren
rounds_pointslimit 	Benötigte Punktzahl für den Sieg im Rounds-Spielmodus
rounds_usenewrules 	Alternative Regeln für den Rounds-Spielmodus verwenden
rounds_pointslimitnewrules 	Benötigte Punktzahl für den Sieg bei alternativen Regeln im Rounds-Spielmodus
team_maxpoints 	Anzahl an erfolgreichen Runden eines Teams für den Sieg im Team-Spielmodus
timeattack_limit 	Dauer einer Streckenlaufzeit in Tausendstel-sekunden im TimeAttack-Spielmodus
laps_nblaps 	Festgestellte Anzahl an Runden pro Strecke im Laps-Spielmodus
file 	Pfad zur Streckendatei
Startpfad ist UserData/Maps
Bei dem Hinzufügen von Strecken ist die Angabe der UID der Streckendatei (das <ident>-Element) nicht notwendig.

by Maniaplanet


- EPS Server
- EPS_PLUS_Server
- Smartline_-_Entry_Server
- Testserver

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