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What is Fastdownload?

The rate of direct downloads for Gameserver n with the HL1 and HL2 engine + CSGO is limited, so that the gameserver is not affected by the downloads.

Since in the HL2 engine + CSGO can occur very large volumes of data, Valve had the Fastdownload introduced. The download of the " 'Custom files" is redirected to the CKRAS Fastdownload webserver. This redirection is defined only by a console variable that we have already installed as a service in the server.cfg'. Since the HL2 engine is also the 'Bzip2 compression support, the advantage of bzip2 is that the maps can be highly compressed here is what the space minimized.

Fastdownload for all CKRAS Customers

CKRAS provides all customers the fast download servers for the games Counter Strike 1.6, CounterStrike_Source and CS:GO 'free' available here are all common ESL, from the current map pool of CKRAS still own. (Note that in CS:GO can be installed with all the maps Workshop) If again expect a map missing, but just contact us. Thank you!

As a customer of CKRAS the paths and URLs must not be inserted separately in the server.cfg or in a different config, as we define these variables already as default. What this means for you as CKRAS Gameserver customer that nothing has to be done separately, so that our Fastdownload service can be used.

What is bzip2-Compression

bzip2 is a freely available compression program for lossless compression of files, developed by Julian Seward. It is free of any patented algorithms and is distributed under a BSD-like license

Artikel bzip2 auf WIKIPEDIA

Known Bugs

Here, the map can not de_nuke_ve via Fastdownload or loaded sv_download, here only helps the map to download manually and install it on the PC.
Valve but hopefully soon release it with a fix for this bug. (Note that in CS:GO maps with all Workshop can be installed)


- Testserver

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