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Welcome to the CKRAS WIKI

This WIKI is inteded to help you with the administration of your Gameserver - Counterstrike 2 - MatchZy - CKRAS BOT - Teamspeak - CSTV. We will show you the most important features and give you tips how to use the products in the Webinterface.

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Counterstrike 2

CKRAS - About


Webworks Germany aka CKRAS, was founded on 02. April 2001 by Christian Pritschet.

Over the years has established itself as a premium provider for Gameserver, CS2, Teamspeak, Voiceserver and Hosting.
CKRAS uses the latest server technology and all server are connected with at least 10 Gbit/s, for the best Gaming-Performance.

Most popular games


Here are our top picks of our favourite games


Important guides


Find the most common and important wiki guides

CKRAS BOT MatchZy Workshop Updates
GSLT Webinterface PreFire Testserver



We divide our gameservers into three different performance categories, which we call Entry, Extreme and Extreme Plus. As one of the best and most established gameserver providers in Europe, we guarantee perfect quality at every performance level. The Extreme Plus is the premium product and is designed for the most ambitious teams.

Entry Extreme Extreme Plus



Voiceserver allow you to stay connect with your clan, guild or friends. The CKRAS Voiceserver can be up to 500 SLots. You don´t know what Voiceserver is the best for you? If you're not yet sure whether our Teamspeak Servers can knock your socks off, why not try out our testserver?

Teamspeak Voiceserver Mumble Webinterface


TV Server

TV-Server allow you that many viewers can watch a match of your team.



Webhosting is the provision of Webspace and Accomodation (Hosting) Webpage on the Webserver, on our CKRAS Servers in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). CKRAS off you different webspace packages that promise now up to 1000 % more storage.

Webhosting is only possible on request!

GamingCloud - CKRAS Cloud

Payment Methods


We offer a variety of payment methods, whether you want to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex you have the spoilt of choice. We not only offer the classic payment methods, you can also pay with Bitcoin, Etherum, USDC, USDT or with payment cards such as Paysafecard.

Paypal Creditcard Crypto
Paysafecard Transfer

Order at


Here you will find a few pointers that you maybe have to watch her for an order to - Note: Your products will be ready in the webpanel a few seconds after your payment.



The webinterface lets you manage your products and activate addons with just a few clicks. The innovative webpanel will help you get up to speed in no time, so you can get back to what matters most - playing a game with your friends.



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