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CKRAS Webinterface

The CKRAS Webinterface is a proprietary development and is constantly expanding in functionalty. The CKRAS Webinterface is virutalized in the Cloud and can be operated from anywhere (Responsive-Design), while we mainly rely a great emphasis on usability and simplicity. We provide all our customers with a few clicks, for example the possibility a Gameserver, including all comman maps, configs, to start plugins for the league play. The latest innovation is our CKRAS GamingCloud


HINT: Webinterface Online since 12/2013

Gameserver administrate, configurate

Gameserver Installation

Step 1 - Click here to install a Gameserver

Hier bitte auf installieren clicken...

Gameserver Game Selection

Step 2 - Please select your prefered Game

Spiel auswählen

Config // Server.cfg edit

Step 3 - Overviewpage (Example CS:GO) - here please make the details settings, we recommend first to edit the server.cfg

Config auswählen


Voiceserver administrate, configurate
Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble
Invoice Overview, Make a payment
Edit Personal Data
Current News -> https://wiki.ckras.com


Login Window from CKRAS Webinterface

Config auswählen

How to adminstrate a Gameserver

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: support@ckras.com
VIDEO-installation! soon

How to install Maps & Configs & Plugins

Here you can find a installation guide for Map & Config & Plugins Installation in the CKRAS Webinterface
This Guide is for all Games: CS 1.6, CS:S, TF2, CSGO and so on. 

Maps Installation

Maps selection and click >> to copy this maps to your Gameserver, after that please click "save".
Maps auswählen

Gamemode Selection



FTP Settings

Console Logs - Gameserver

Console Logs

Server.cfg edit (Motd.txt / Mapcycle.txt)


How to administrate a Voiceserver


More Information for your Teamspeak Server you will find in the special Teamspeak-Wiki Section.



More Information for your Mumble Server you will find in the special Mumble-WIKI Section. Mumble is not longer availible at CKRAS


How to manage the CKRAS Cloud

How to manage the CKRAS Webhosting Services

Our Webhosting-Packages would be managed with the Software from LiveConfig.
Ckras webpanel12.jpg
Ckras webpanel13.jpg


Updates from Gameserver, Voiceserver, Webhosting, Cloud and so on would be installed automatically from CKRASt, more information you´ll find at our Updates Page.

Important Links

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