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As Bouncer (short: BNC) IRC is a programm called which can mediate between an IRC Client and the IRC Server and thus works as a proxy..

However, the main goal of most Bouncer is not the pure intermediary between a client and a server, but the lasting as possible maintaining a connection to an IRC server or one or more IRC networks. As will be lost in several IRC networks after checkout privileges in channels and the nickname of each other can be used is the only way to "reserve" a nickname or channel priviledges to stay logged in practically permanently using the Bouncers. For this reason, Bouncer programs typically run on a server on the Internet. The user no longer needs to be constantly online using the Bouncers.

Why Bouncer?

Whyo to use a IRC Bouncer

Protection of the client computer from attacks , such as a DoS attack or the use of exploits. Because of the IRC server , and thus the users in the IRC view only the IP address of the Bouncer host name is known, the attacks are directed only against this In IRC occur with a different DNS name (namely, that of the Bouncer hosts) , the - results in a certain sense , for example, a funny , curious or leeten text - beyond the purely technical necessity beyond . Provider of rentable bouncers often have a large selection of such DNS Names , between which the tenant can often change at any time and usually arbitrary. The indirect establish a connection to the server when the direct connection , etc. is not possible due to a restrictive firewall. the construction of an encrypted connection to public networks (eg wireless networks ) , since many IRC networks own SSL server does not offer because of capacity constraint . The holding of DCC connections. Here, since the connection between Bouncer and client is established , a Bouncerbenutzer go offline, while his bouncer keeps the DCC connection.


Options mIRC

Irc 1.png

Download mIRC

ADD Server

Irc 2.png

File-In Data (Webinterface)

Irc 3.png

Connect to Server

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First Activation

Please type /bconnect


BNC Server #1 - Vhosts Beispiel Beispiel Beispiel Beispiel Beispiel Beispiel Beispiel
Beispiel Beispiel
Beispiel Beispiel IP-ONLY Hostname: (IP Only) - Bouncer bestellen


Command Description
/bhelp The command overview
/bwho lists all current Users of psyBNC
/adduser login :realname adds a new User
*/deluser login deletes the specified User
*/bkill login Kills a user on psyBNC (does not delete)
/PASSWORD [network~]newpass changes your current password
/jump [network~] Jumps to next Server in List<
/ADDSERVER [network~] [S=] :port Adds a new IRC Server to your IRC-Server List if S= is supported in front of the hostname, the connection is being build as SSL-Connection.
/delserver #number -> Removes the corresponding Server Number in
/LISTSERVERS [network~] Lists all Servers you added
/ADDIGNORE [network~] content :hostmask Adds a new Ignore to your Ignore List
/DELIGNORE [network~] # (Number) Removes the corresponding Ignore Number in
/LISTIGNORES [network~] Lists all Ignores you added
*/BREHASH rehashes the proxy. Kills all connections
*/MADMIN Declares a user as admin
*/UNADMIN takes Admin rights from User
/BQUIT [network~] Quits the client from IRC, stays disconnected until
/BCONNECT [network~] removes Quit and tries to reconnect
/SETAWAY [network~]text sets away text (if whoised, shows the text)
/SETLEAVEMSG [network~]text sets leave message. It will be posten when you leave. If set to $QUIT , your Quit-Msg will be posted.
/SETLEAVEMSG disables leave message
/SETUSERNAME [network~] :name sets the username (real name)
1 -> 0= 0=disables Antiidle, 1=enables it (default)
1=leave channels on quit, 1=keep on (default)
/SOCKSTAT Displays the list of open sockets, how much bytes gone in and out, if encrypted, in which state, since when open and other infos