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== How to manage the CKRAS [[Webhosting]] Services  ==
== How to manage the CKRAS [[Webhosting]] Services  ==
Our [[Webhosting]]-Packages would be managed with the Software from [[LiveConfig]]. <br>
Our [[Webhosting]]-Packages would be managed with the Software from [[LiveConfig]]. We do not accept new Webhosting Customers from 02/2021<br>

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CKRAS Webinterface

The CKRAS Webinterface is a proprietary development and is constantly expanding in functionalty. The CKRAS Webinterface is virutalized in the Cloud and can be operated from anywhere (Responsive-Design), while we mainly rely a great emphasis on usability and simplicity. We provide all our customers with a few clicks, for example the possibility a Gameserver, including all comman maps, configs, to start plugins for the league play. The latest innovation is our CKRAS GamingCloud


HINT: Webinterface Online since 12/2013

Gameserver administrate, configurate

Gameserver Installation

Step 1 - Click here to install a Gameserver

Hier bitte auf installieren clicken...

Gameserver Game Selection

Step 2 - Please select your prefered Game

Spiel auswählen

Config // Server.cfg edit

Step 3 - Overviewpage (Example CS:GO) - here please make the details settings, we recommend first to edit the server.cfg

Config auswählen


Voiceserver administrate, configurate
Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble
Invoice Overview, Make a payment
Edit Personal Data
Current News -> https://wiki.ckras.com


Login Window from CKRAS Webinterface

Config auswählen

How to adminstrate a Gameserver

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: support@ckras.com
VIDEO-installation! soon

How to install Maps & Configs & Plugins

Here you can find a installation guide for Map & Config & Plugins Installation in the CKRAS Webinterface
This Guide is for all Games: CS 1.6, CS:S, TF2, CSGO and so on. 

Maps Installation

Maps selection and click >> to copy this maps to your Gameserver, after that please click "save".
Maps auswählen

Gamemode Selection



FTP Settings

Console Logs - Gameserver

Console Logs

Server.cfg edit (Motd.txt / Mapcycle.txt)


How to administrate a Voiceserver


More Information for your Teamspeak Server you will find in the special Teamspeak-Wiki Section.



More Information for your Mumble Server you will find in the special Mumble-WIKI Section. Mumble is not longer availible at CKRAS


How to manage the CKRAS Cloud

How to manage the CKRAS Webhosting Services

Our Webhosting-Packages would be managed with the Software from LiveConfig. We do not accept new Webhosting Customers from 02/2021
Ckras webpanel12.jpg
Ckras webpanel13.jpg


Updates from Gameserver, Voiceserver, Webhosting, Cloud and so on would be installed automatically from CKRASt, more information you´ll find at our Updates Page.

Important Links

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