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== Lieblingspiele ==
== Featured Games ==
<div  class="proditem csgo">[[CS:GO]]</div>
<div  class="proditem csgo">[[CS:GO]]</div>

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The Future of Gaming

Each clan is changing with the times. There are new teams, new games, new priorities. Why not rent a server that is so flexible that it continues to shape all these changes and adapts to the new demands?

The CKRAS GamingCloud is the biggest innovation since gamehosting exists. Every CKRAS Server has access to our Cloud with over 50 Games/Mods, whereby you can switch in seconds from a Counter-Strike Server for example to a Shoot-Mania Server. You can free choice which game will be installed.

Featured Games

DEUTSCH https://www.ckras.com/product-cloud.html ENGLISH https://www.ckras.com/en/product-cloud.html