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| rcon host_workshop_map 312199550 || de_tuscan  
| rcon host_workshop_map 312199550 || de_tuscan  
| rcon host_workshop_map 546623875 || de_santorini (NEW)  
| rcon host_workshop_map 546623875 || de_santorini  
| rcon host_workshop_map 1855851320 || de_cache(NEW)  

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Workshop CSGO Gameserver by CKRAS
Valve changed the old maplist of CS:GO on 08/02/2013, it is now possible to update the maps thru workshop. In This short guide, we explain how you have to setup your server, so that you are aible to use _SE Maps (Custom Maps) on your own Gameserver.
Guide Explanation:
In this guide we will explain how you can install Workshop Maps on your Server, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us -> www.ckras.com

WORKSHOP WIKI DEUTSCH Flagge Deutschland.png

Key Request

Workshop KEY REQUEST: http://steamcommunity.com/dev/ and call your KEY. Please click this Link and request your personal workshop key, in the following steps you can see, how you can setup your server as workshop csgo server.

LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/dev/

First Step

Please Login in the Webinterface and click Gameserver edit


Second Step

Please enter then this Webseite: http://steamcommunity.com/dev/ apikey, there ought you to login with your steam account and follow the steps below.


Third Step


IP-Added, API Key insert


Key add, Panel Gameserver restart


Workshop Maps at Webinterface

We show you now completely automatically in the Map-Selection all installed workshop map, a small example of how it looks something, you see below. With this Drop-Down Menu you can easily select your "Favorited" Map and directly start your custom Map. ((The display in the Webinterface can be delayed))


RCON Commands

This RCON-Commans please only use if you performed the steps for the initial setup!

With this command rcon host_workshop_map ID you can install all Workshop Maps, here are a few examples:

rcon Command Map
rcon host_workshop_map 123769103 Installation for de_mirage_go
rcon host_workshop_map 125689191 de_season
rcon host_workshop_map 125488374 dust2_se
rcon host_workshop_map 125499116 inferno_se
rcon host_workshop_map 125498231 train_se
rcon host_workshop_map 125498553 nuke_se
rcon host_workshop_map 125498851 dust_se
rcon host_workshop_map 125498692 aztec_se
rcon host_workshop_map 163589843 de_cache
rcon host_workshop_map 171336276 de_train_ve
rcon host_workshop_map 174668691 cs_agency
rcon host_workshop_map 153370123 de_ali
rcon host_workshop_map 150267492 de_chinatown
rcon host_workshop_map 138088283 de_gwalior_se
rcon host_workshop_map 126446777 de_seaside
rcon host_workshop_map 125663769 cs_siege
rcon host_workshop_map 201811336 de_toscan
rcon host_workshop_map 239672577 de_crown
rcon host_workshop_map 312199550 de_tuscan
rcon host_workshop_map 546623875 de_santorini
rcon host_workshop_map 1855851320 de_cache(NEW)

ESL Maplink http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=211090892

Workshop for Server Operators - Valve

CSGO Developer WIKI Guide https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/CSGO_Workshop_For_Server_Operators


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