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Was ist Punkbuster

Punkbuster works on the client - server principle. The PunkBuster Client runs on the player's computer and monitor , similar to a virus scanner , PC and scans it to memory and some games files on the hard disk for cheats . The Server requests at regular intervals in the connected clients , whether the computer games is still cheat free. The player is excluded from the game as soon as a known cheat is found.

Since the player usually has full access to his computer , it can manipulate with sufficient experience how the program works , so make the anti-cheat client ineffective. Even Balance tries to prevent this by allowing , for example, Syndicate Punkbuster checksums to verify the authenticity of the program. In addition to games, and thus Punkbuster , are run under the operating system Windows with administrator privileges. From the PB Client v1.700 (published in August 2007) , it is allowed users with limited rights to play games with Punkbuster by this is installed as a system service.

Punkbuster is equipped with an updated system that the server and client should automatically bring up to date . A manual update is also possible. By constantly updating the software should be locked as soon new cheat codes , unless they are known to the developer . Another feature is also the possibility for the server operators to make screenshots from all connected players to the server to verify if a player has manipulated the presentation .


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