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GOTV is for free, included to every CKRAS CS:GO Gameserver

Means GOTV can be a maximium of 255 slots per server for viewers provider. A distinction is made between masterserver and the relayserver. GOTV is for CS:GO (CounterStrike Global Offensive) available.

What is MasterServer?

The masterserver is the GOTV Server is started by the Gameserver, is played on. In general, the masteserver is started with the IP-Adress of the Gameserver + Port 27020.
In GOTV only has to be considered, the GOTV starts only if players are on the server, otherweise it will not be activate!!!
Gameserver IP-Adress:, so would here the masteserver adress of the GOTV10., unless otherweise specified in the config CKRAS definied in the server.cfg all important values already as default.

What is RelayServer?

The Relay-Server connect to the GOTV one a Master-Servers (see example with the IP-Adresse of the Gameserver + Port) or other relayservers and transmit the information to the clients/audience..

You will CKRAS of a relayserver adresse assigned, GOTV e.g., this server you can then connect to the Webinterface on the already previously started masterserver. In our example to the


The Server.cfg from CKRAS for CS:GO already preset so that the important settings are included as described below. You would have to adjust them only according to your wishes.

NEW: please add this line in your server.cfg set tv_advertise_watchable 1

Here an example:

tv_enable "1"
tv_autorecord "0"
t_name "CKRAS GOTV"
tv_maxclients "1"

Start GOTV

The GOTV as in the example server.cfg with tv_enable "1" activated, the the Gameserver only need to be restarted

CVAR Commands

tv_allow_camera_man                      : 1        : , "sv"           : Auto director allows spectators to become camera man
tv_allow_static_shots                    : 1        : , "sv"           : Auto director uses fixed level cameras for shots
tv_autorecord                            : 0        :                  : Automatically records all games as GOTV demos.
tv_autoretry                             : 1        :                  : Relay proxies retry connection after network timeout
tv_chatgroupsize                         : 0        :                  : Set the default chat group size
tv_chattimelimit                         : 8        :                  : Limits spectators to chat only every n seconds
tv_clients                               : cmd      :                  : Shows list of connected GOTV clients.
tv_debug                                 : 0        :                  : GOTV debug info.
tv_delay                                 : 30       : , "sv"           : GOTV broadcast delay in seconds
tv_delaymapchange                        : 0        : , "sv"           : Delays map change until broadcast is complete
tv_deltacache                            : 2        :                  : Enable delta entity bit stream cache
tv_dispatchmode                          : 1        :                  : Dispatch clients to relay proxies: 0=never, 1=if appropriate, 2=always
tv_enable                                : 0        : , "nf"           : Activates GOTV on server.
tv_maxclients                            : 128      :                  : Maximum client number on GOTV server.
tv_maxrate                               : 20000    :                  : Max GOTV spectator bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited
tv_msg                                   : cmd      :                  : Send a screen message to all clients.
tv_name                                  : 0        :                  : GOTV host name
tv_overridemaster                        : 0        :                  : Overrides the GOTV master root address.
tv_port                                  : 27020    :                  : Host SourceTV port
tv_record                                : cmd      :                  : Starts GOTV demo recording.
tv_relay                                 : cmd      :                  : Connect to GOTV server and relay broadcast.
tv_relaypassword                         : 0        : , "nf", "prot", "norecord" : GOTV password for relay proxies
tv_relayvoice                            : 1        :                  : Relay voice data: 0=off, 1=on
tv_retry                                 : cmd      :                  : Reconnects the GOTV relay proxy.
tv_snapshotrate                          : 16       :                  : Snapshots broadcasted per second
tv_status                                : cmd      :                  : Show GOTV server status.
tv_stop                                  : cmd      :                  : Stops the GOTV broadcast.
tv_stoprecord                            : cmd      :                  : Stops GOTV demo recording.
tv_timeout                               : 30       :                  : GOTV connection timeout in seconds.
tv_title                                 : 0        :                  : Set title for GOTV spectator UI
tv_transmitall                           : 1        : , "rep"          : Transmit all entities (not only director view)

New Settings from the 21. June 2017 [1]


The GO:TV Status can be checked with rcon status, while the activate GOTV is represented as follow.

hostname: CKRAS Official -
        version : 5105 secure  
        udp/ip  : DEINEIP:27015  (public ip:
        os      :  Linux
        type    :  community dedicated
        map     : de_dust2
        gotv:  port 27020, delay 90.0s
        players : 0 humans, 1 bots (16/0 max) (hibernating)
        # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate adr
        # 2 "CKRAS TV" BOT active


Notice that demos are created only on the Masterserver and not on the Relay Server, the demos can not currenlty be downloaded with the ESL Plugin, as this is incompatible.
Thats why ou have to use FTP, which allows you also with activated Protect Status to download the Demos from your Server.

Demos can be found in this folder on your FTP-Server of your Gameserver:


GOTV (extern) is currently not availible


more Information about TV-Servers