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== Voiceserver Rental ==
== Voiceserver Rental ==
[https://www.ckras.com/Voiceserver-mieten-Teamspeak-Ventrilo-Mumble Teamspeak, Mumble oder Ventrilo Voiceserver Rental]
[https://www.ckras.com/en/product-voice.html Teamspeak or Mumble Voiceserver Rental]

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Voiceserver, we have the best qualitaty Mumble or Teamspeak server for our customers, the latest slots are limited to 250
More Voiceserver slots are available on request, please contact for sales@ckras.com



All Information for Mumble



All Information for Teamspeak


   CPU-Typ: 2,50 GHz 8 KERN
   CPU-Name: INTEL Xeon E5-2640 V2 2500MHz 20M Cache 8Core
   RAM: 64GB (4 x16GB DDR3-1600 CL11)
   OS: Ckras Optimize Kernel
   Connection: 10.000 Mbps


You cann see in the CKRAS Webinterface your Voiceserver add new admins, to upgrade or downgrade and perform general administrative work for your Voiceserver.

Voiceserver Rental

Teamspeak or Mumble Voiceserver Rental