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We would like to inform you on this page about what you need in an update of your Gameserver, Voiceserver, Webhosting and so on.

Gameserver Updates

Basically, we automatically update all servers and distribute the updates and this is recorded with the automatic server restart every morning. If the update does not even have to be active, we simply ask you in the webinterface, proceed as follows

IFACE: Gameserver -> SERVER RESTART "click
Here wait briefly and then after about 60 seconds, the server is updated, it does not work please get in touch.

We inform you of any updates in the webinterface (example) Panel update.png

Voiceserver Updates

Voiceserver are automatically updated, there may be a short outage during the update process. This general statement is valid for all Voiceserver at CKRAS, whether Mumble, Teamspeak or Ventrilo

Webhosting Updates

We automatically update MySQL and all other modules, even the preinstalled plugins are updated by LiveConfig and may be recorded in the Iface.

Problems with an update

Should you have a problem with an update, but then contacted us via email or in TicketSystem.