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Mumble is a voice chat application for groups. While it can be used for any kind of activity, it is primarily intended for gaming. It can be compared to programs like Ventrilo or Teamspeak. People tend to simplify things, so when they talk about Mumble they either talk about "Mumble" the client application or about "Mumble & Murmur" the whole voice chat application suite.

Mumble Rental

Versions / Client / Download

Windows Version 1.2.10 Download
MAC Version 1.2.10 Download
iOS (IPHONE) 1.3.0 im App Store

Mumble Surface Description

Installation Surface

Mumble description 1.jpg example for Version 1.2.x

Licence Agreement

Mumble description 2.jpg

Path- Default Settings are sufficent

Mumble description 3.jpg

Installation finish

Mumble description 4.jpg

To add Mumble Server

Mumble description 5.jpg

Mumble Server ADD

Mumble description 6.jpg

Mumble Server

Mumble description 7.jpg

Mumble Server - how to connect

Mumble description 8.jpg


In Mumble, it is only possible to create channels etc. if you connect as Super Admin, the data of the Super Admins can in the web interface under "Voiceserver" - Mumble be removed. Enter this data when connecting and then it is displayed on the server as follows as admin.

Mumble description 9.jpg Mumble description 10.jpg Mumble description 11.jpg

Create Channel

Since they are now link as Super Admin, just in the client "right click" box, then see this menu, then add here, please select
Mumble description 12.jpg
Make the necessary settings, name, password, etc. Save and you're done
Mumble description 13.jpg

Have Fun


In Webinterface you can set the password and add additional users.

Mumble webinterface.png

Mumble Rental

Mumble Rental