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Gameserver LOGIN Token Area - GSLT for your CS:GO Gameserver (Counterstrike Global Offensive)

Gameserver Login Tokens (GSLTs) // GSLT WIKI DEUTSCH Flagge Deutschland.png

Steam gslt.png
GameServer Login Token are needed for all CS:GO Gameserver, you have to sign in your Gameserver at the SteamCommunity Page. What you have to do, we will explain in this Guide. Workshop
NOTE: Stage 4: Dedicated Servers that use anonymous login will no longer list in the GMS nor be connectable by CS:GO clients.

Step 1

First of all you have to login at

Step 2

Here you can manage dedicated game server accounts associated with your Steam account. Requirements:

- Your Steam account must not be currently community banned or locked.
- Your Steam account must not be limited.
- Your Steam account must have a qualifying registered phone.
- Your Steam account must own the game for which you are creating a game server account.
- Your Steam account may create 1000 game server accounts.

Step 3

Account gslt.jpg

After you have fulfilled the credentials to create a key, you have to add the correct APPID. For CS:GO you have to select for example: 730
The memo text helps you to manage the keys, just what can be very useful when you managing multiple Gameserver.

Step 4

After that you have to copy your key from the steam community page and add this key in the CKRAS Webinterface CKRAS , please insert the key at the "marked" position and "Restart" your Gameserver, to save these settings.
Gslt insert.jpg

Step 5


After the key has been entered and the gameserver is restart, you should connect once to the gameserver to test whether the server establishes the connection to your steam account correctly. Should you have done everything correctly, you will appear in the LOG about this message:

Logging into Steam gameserver account with logon token 'BCD6ECC50E7----------------'
Connection to Steam servers successful.
Public IP is 83.----------.
Assigned persistent gameserver Steam ID [G:1:1337].

Step 6

If this message appears, you have done everything right and the CS:GO Gameserver has been installed/setup correctly. We would like to refer here to the major Workshop guide that you should necessarily run.

If you see this message, please repeat this guide!

Error gslt.png

Server wont start

Your server wont start after you have added your GSLT KEY? So please check the error log in the console in our webpanel, maybe you using the same GSLT Key for more gameserver, or you key is banned, read this valve announcement:

Recently we have banned multiple Game Server Login Tokens because servers using them were violating the guidelines. All servers determined to be in violation of the guidelines are tracked via their GSLT to the owner’s Steam User Account.

We ban all of the existing GSLTs of this Steam User Account, and all existing GSLTs of all Steam User Accounts sharing the same phone number. We also mark this Steam User Account, and all existing Steam User Accounts sharing the same phone number, as ineligible to generate any more GSLTs. The phone number gets flagged to prevent any new Steam User Accounts from using it to generate more GSLTs. As of the most recent update, this Steam User Account and all existing Steam User Accounts sharing the same phone number will also get an in-game cooldown for a GSLT violation at the time of the GSLT ban.

To answer some frequently asked questions among server operators: after the introduction of GSLTs, we no longer ban servers by IP addresses, we do not ban accounts based on shared computers, and we do not ban players for playing on servers that violate the guidelines. We have been monitoring tokens of servers operators complaining about their GSLT bans, and haven’t encountered a case yet where a GSLT ban was applied incorrectly.

You can find the server guidelines here:


Please note: You will need in addition to the GSLT Key also a Workshop Key to eg conveniently via RCON to install your desired Maps, for example de_tuscan.
More information about CS:GO can be found in special WIKI area. For questions or problems please contact our support